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Monday, October 08, 2007
In the line of WTF
So, evidently some guys grew a diamond around Beethoven's hair, and now they're selling it on ebay. Rabid consumerism is not necessarily a good thing.

Had a great concert on Saturday night because of two great guest artists. My roommate and I were joking that we want to get bitten by the same radioactive spider that they were evidently attacked by. This weekend is shaping up to be major flute weekend. I'm playing in a baroque masterclass Sunday morning for an awesome ensemble, and then I get to watch former London SO's principal flute player give a masterclass. He's always great, and always seems to suggest what Monty Python teaching flute would be like.

And we get a Fall break this year......the only problem is that it's one day. Yes that's right.....one lousy day. Don't get me wrong, I'll be able to get some work done, and it's an extra study day that I won't get on Sunday because guest artists abound, but one day? It's actually a travel day for a big rival football game.....they just can't call it that. And all of the poor unfortunates in the marching band? Yeah......"Fall Break".....riiiiiight.

Anyway.....practice then study.
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