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Sunday, March 21, 2010
Wow. It's been awhile.

Winter term came and went. I'm currently at FPU over spring break, trying to relax a little before the spring term comes. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for gearing up for a third cycle of insanity before summer "break," but that's the idea.

Last term I took a seminar on Balinese music (with a final paper on Balinese cosmology and music), a seminar on History of Theory, and a seminar on Repertoire and analysis (Schubert and Brahms....). I also played in the Balkan ensemble, which proved to be insanely cool.

Next term, I'm up for Black Music Historiography, Medieval Music seminar, and a seminar on Women in Medieval German Music. I'm really looking forward to all three, and hoping I can keep my sanity while also TA-ing for the World music course.

Things I'm thinking about: possible dissertation topics.

Subjects I've recently become really interested in:

1) American Folk Revival-->I'm really interested in post-revival folk music communities.
2) Music and Politics--> I've become really interested in politics again, and lately I've been interested in look how music is used as a tool for community building and how that might lead to an effect on public policy.
3) Queer Music Studies--> Interested in queer identity and the resulting music communities

What do they all have in common? Music as a tool to build community. Just some thoughts during spring break (this proves my geek level is off the charts....thinking about dissertation topics over spring break).

Also, I'm trying to get into some political activism (lefty political rabble rousing). Before the music thing, I was really into politics....so much so that I actually wanted to work for the State Department. Now, I'm thinking I want to get involved in a little rabble rousing given that I'm have a renewed interest in politics.

Anyway, here's hoping there'll be a little more posting this term.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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