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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
End of the Semester Nostalgia (brought on by sleep deprivation no doubt)
So the computers at school can be evil, because I was almost done with this post when the computer closed Mozilla. Death to technology that I don't control.

Anyway, as all good grad students know, now is the final push to the end of the semester. By Friday I will be pretty much done with everything, except juries and an exam (potential). The downside? Friday is when I can sleep again. Although there are worse ways to lose sleep than by being obsessed with something you love and are passionate about. I gave my final presentation in my performance practice class. I sang Mandad'ei Comigo by Martin Codax, and was happy with what I did with it. I will stop before I say anything negative about my performance/presentation/paper because I'm trying to be happy with my effort. I guess that should be a New Year's goal?

The end of the semester has brought about a thankful attitude towards the people I'm surrounded by. Talented, caring, wonderful individuals who are always willing to share of themselves and their knowledge. In that spirit I thought I'd blog a bit about the families to which I belong, but am not in any way physically related to.

  • There's the Russian community in my hometown. I was lucky enough to be raised bi-culturally by parents who knew that the world was bigger than one small group of people. These people a brilliant, and will do anything for anyone. They opened by mind and eyes before I even knew they were shut.
  • There's the small group of students from my father's classes who have become older siblings. Specifically there's my "older sister" who now live IN Yellowstone with her husband and daughter who is basically my little niece. She makes me feel that the world is full of possibilities every time I talk to her.
  • There's the group of teachers that has profoundly and concretely affected my life. Mrs. F helped me cope with my mother's death by listening whenever I needed to talk for over two years. She also taught me to think deep and to question everything. I learned more about literature from her than from any other teacher I've had. Dr. B, my undergrad flute professor, taught me to be a musician. She always pushed me, always believed in me, and set me on my path into world music (she gave me my first Matt Molloy CD). More than that, she's my second mom. She helped me become who I am, and for that I'll always be grateful. My current professors continue to push me intellectually, spiritually, personally, and musically past every boundary I think/thought I have/had. They are showing me a bigger world full of endless possibilities. They are showing me who I can become. These people are the reason I want to teach.
  • Finally there's the group of friends I have who have become sisters. My beloved roomie who puts up with me when I need to rant, and who always is ready to play tunes and share the music. She makes me more creative and a kinder person in the process. My three flute friends are kind, intelligent, caring, talented people who always make me feel better about whatever is bugging me. They each have distinct personalities and they don't let people change them. One is a brain, who is about as strong as anyone I've ever met. She knows what makes her happy, and works tirelessly towards that goal. She's never been handed anything, and yet she's not cynical. She's a happy well rounded person, who cares for other people. Another has dealt with a number of personal tragedies this semester. She struggles on, and she has faith that could move mountains. She's smart and talented and just a fun person to be around, with a sarcastic wit that will surprise you. I wish she could see the beauty and talent we see in her. The third is one of the most caring people I've ever met. She takes care of others and no matter what happens to her, she still keeps her heart open. Have I mentioned that they all play like goddesses? All of these guys are like sisters, and most importantly we take care of each other.
So why am I going on about all of these people? All of these families? I think one of the most lasting things a person can experience in this life is the joy of human relationships. People matter, individual relationships matter. Small things make a big difference in the world. Celebrate the people in your life. They make all the difference.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,
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