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Friday, November 02, 2007
So, this weekend is a travel weekend 8 hours away to a young artist competition. I'm also in a trio that is competing. Basically just going for the experience, not really expecting to make it to the next round.

Things to do before I leave:
  1. Send out exam review to students in music history class.
  2. Pack Flute Bag.....this gets into some issues because there are five of us that are going to be crammed into a Honda Civic, and I really need to do some research reading this weekend, which means I get to try and cram two flutes, all of the music I need, both thesis and research projects books, my laptop, and any other academic sundries into one standard Altieri flute bag......anyone have a way to defy physics?
  3. Pack duffel bag......perhaps some of the books will go in here?
  4. Teach middle school kids and remind the band director that I won't be there on Monday.
  5. Try and grade the topic proposals so that I don't have to do that at the hotel (I always have issues wrangling with hotel wireless)
  6. Make copies of all music in my solo program and in the trio's program and NUMBER THEM.......whoever made this rule is stupid......every measure has to be numbered.

Anyway, since the list seems to get longer as I write, I'd better get to it.

Peace, Love, and tunes,


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