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Friday, December 07, 2007
The Bitter End........or How long till I can take a nap?
I actually have some thoughts of things to blog about, not limited to ranting about this or telling some scary stories about the church gig I've got. It pays extremely well, but.....Miniature Horses....Camels......Goats.......in the sanctuary? Not to mention that I got hired to play penny whistle in a "celtic style" during......The Little Drummer Boy? Because there were so many Irish whistle players in the ancient Middle East. Anyway, it helped me to buy a new iPod (with none of that touch technology nonsense) which I was in desperate need of.....and it's going to help me fix my almost completely dead laptop (luckily I backup my data religiously so it's really just an inconvenience at this point).

Anyway, basically done except for one online assignment that won't be to difficult to take care of and the FINAL OF DOOM. Ok.....possibly that's overly dramatic. It's an upper level seminar on the History of Music Theory from Antiquity to 1600. The final has been made open resource....but it's more than a little daunting to prepare for. I'm basically making sure I have all of the printed material, and then I'm taking it and labeling/gathering outside information to help the process. This is where trust comes into the academic picture. The professor is a good teacher who is fair in his treatment of his students. He's not out to fail anyone. With that in mind, I trust that the exam will be given fairly and graded fairly. Sometimes it feels like you're out on a limb, but it's good to know that your professors have your back.

Anyway, at the library (which is surprisingly empty for dead day....then again it's before noon) working to make a huge history of theory notebook with notes and extra material, then off to run a study session for the undergrads' final next week, teach the flute kids at the middle school, then home to grab the gig stuff, play the Six Flags over Jesus production, and then probably back to the library to study some more.

Hope finals treat you semi-decently!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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