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Monday, January 14, 2008
And we're off!
Good start to a new semester. It seems that there's enough classes to keep me busy, but not so many that I can't get everything done (including the outside stuff like independent language studies, extra recitals, and the thesis).

On tap for the semester:
  1. Thesis, thesis, thesis.......Blues Fife and Drum in North Mississippi Hill Country. Luckily my Musics of the African Diaspora class will help give me some focus, and I'm hoping I can use my Rhythm and Meter in American Vernacular Music class to also focus on the topic.
  2. Completely solo trad recital. I've got a couple of dates that are already floating out there. Basically, it'll be done within the month.
  3. Chair a panel on Music and Tradition in Dr. Coyote's stead as he's scheduled to be at another conference at the same time.
  4. Medieval Cantigas concert with my roommate (and partner in all sorts of musical crimes).
  5. Second trad recital focusing more on ensemble repertoire and including students in the vernacular music program at Flat Place U.
  6. If my paper's accepted at the SEM conference, present a paper on the aforementioned thesis topic.
  7. TA for the Common Practice Period segment of the music history undergrad sequence.....have I mentioned my discussion section has 60 kids in it?
  8. Prepare to present and play at the NFA conference this summer.
  9. Teach classical flute to the middle school kids (teaching there probably about 4 days a week).
Life is nothing if not busy....although it looks less insane than last semester. I'm amazed at how good it's been to not have to worry about practicing classical flute. I need to thank my Flute Professor for pushing me off the cliff I've been edging towards for a while. I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by people who want me to a happy, fulfilled, successful musician and human being.

I'm also trying to get into a regular running schedule again (hopefully 5 days a week.....but we'll see how that goes), so to kick myself in the butt, I think I'll start logging my runs.

Miles logged:
Sun 1/14 - 2.3

Peace, love, and tunes,

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  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Terminal Degree

    I'd love to chat with you about one of the items on your list privately but don't see an e-mail address anywhere on your blog. Drop me an e-mail so we can chat. :)