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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Sorry for the absence of late. Life has been crazy, as it tends to get during the end of the fall semester. Not much time/will to blog right now either. Trying to get things set up for the summer: One of my friends from MS offered me her place to stay at during June, which is great because I don't have to pay for housing, but not great because I'll miss Zoukfest yet again this year. I'm trying to find trad flute workshops that are affordable/fairly advanced for the fall....frankly I think I'm just suffering from trad withdrawal right now because I haven't been to a session in almost a month and a half.....GAH! I am in desperate need of tunes.

On the upside, I am trying to get into this early music workshop.....hopefully with scholarships. I was going to put it off until another year, but then I found out that they have a FLUTE PLAYER as one of the main instructors, and since you can't really study medieval flutes with too many people these days, off we go (hopefully) to Vancouver.

Also.....I'm trying to think of what happens after next year (pre-supposing I'll be done with everything here). I'm looking at Fulbright's to Ireland.....I REALLY want to take a year to work on my trad chops. I'm also looking at the Ethnomusicology program in Belfast. Right now everything's pretty much up in the air, but hopefully I'll be able to do something cool.

Off to be productive.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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