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Saturday, May 03, 2008
Lazy Saturday
Inevitably the end of the Spring semester is followed by a day of doing anything I want to. Yesterday was full of trying to mop up the last of the grade inputs for the freshmen, helping Roomie cart home a car full of ceramics (of which I got some AWESOME stuff which I will hopefully post pictures of soon! :) ), and then pub session and home to eat junk food and watch movies. Got up late this morning and made waffles (with the egg replacer stuff, as Roomie has gone Vegan) and hashbrowns with Roomie. :) Drank coffee, watched Gilmore Girls, played tunes, and talked summer plans (both of us have applied to the same programs, and neither of us is sure what'll be up for the summer). Now I'm lounging around, reading and ordering takeout and planning to watch yet more movies as soon as the food arrives. All in all, completely unproductive, but incredibly good for my mental health.

The summer and next year are looming in the distance with worries, but I'm choosing to ignore that for today and enjoy. Also, it helps when the weather is perfect outside and you can open the windows!
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