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Thursday, June 19, 2008
Hurry Up and Wait
I got kicked out of the only local coffee shop/free wifi place at 10pm last night. Welcome back to the Deep South. It is nice, however, to not have your hands crack and bleed.....or feel so thirsty you're going to die. Ended up buying an extremely cheap coffee maker yesterday on my sojourn to Walmart, because lets face it.....I can spend a small fortune on coffee in a month if I don't have the ability to make it for myself......figure I'll leave it for my friend as partial thanks for letting me crash in her apartment for free.

Managed to find one of the local "Celtic" bands in town, and have asked about a session (because I'm going crazy here with no tunes), and they have graciously agreed to see if they can get one together. No matter how awesome I think the music is, the community it creates and the boundaries it crosses are the most amazing thing in the world to me.

Contacted my major informant again today, she was very nice and told me that she would call me back about actually getting together to talk/play. I'm hoping (frantically) that she doesn't just never call me back. I know how that goes sometimes. My head calmly tells me that I'll cross that bridge if I come to it, the rest of me is going......"Oh please God don't screw up." That, so I've been told, is the nature of field work. Planning on hitting the archives tomorrow (and every other day after that) in order to go through all of the data they have left over from Alan Lomax. I'm also rereading a lot of the background info I've read over the past year. Probably my favorite historical ethnography: Roll, Jordan, Roll.

Currently I'm also trying to write (part of) an estampie based on the Dum Pater Familias from the Codex Calixtinus, so that myself and roomie can play it at the Medieval Music Workshop in a month. Also.....I'm trying to find a decent place to run while I'm here. Otherwise the stress from hoping everything works out is going to eat me alive. Anyway, off to work some more.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Aage

    Hi Mac,
    Are you going to Sequentia's workshop in Vancouver? I would really like to know how that goes. I went to the Madison workshop last year and head to the SFEMS Medieval/Renaissance workshop at Sonoma state this weekend. Bass clarinet & clarinet are the day job, but I love playing the douçaine in early and folk music, particularly Danish.

    Have fun in Vancouver!