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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Zoukfest Pt. 2
Great stuff going on at this place. It took until today for me to finally feel decent again.....too little vitamins (Iron and B12) + a wrecked back = an unhappy Mac. However, cramming supplements down my throat seems to have helped the lethargy, and a massive amount of Advil and Tiger Balm seem to have fixed the back.

It's amazing to me that there are still opportunities for one to feel completely and utterly nervous (as in I might vomit) when performing. One of the workshops I'm taking is on songwriting, not something I've done a lot of, or something I've exposed the results of to daylight. Well, part of the workshop is bringing in songs and letting the main instructor and the day's guest instructor critique said song (Don Richmond and today's, Chipper Thompson). Can I just say, scariest thing ever?

Anyway, I have an early lesson with Eliot Grasso tomorrow at 8:30am, so I probably need to head off a little early.

Peace, Love, and TUNES!

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