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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
You Can't Plan Fieldwork
See header. Oh....you can try. But sure enough if everything you planned doesn't go right out of the window. Feeling really frustrated right now about the inability to actually connect with my informants other than brief phone conversations. Unfortunately they're in and out of town gigging during the summer, and as my main (target) informant just graduated from high school, I'm guessing she's also getting ready for college. So basically I'm archiving and youtubing it (a lot of their recent performances are on youtube), and feeling really freaking useless/dumb sitting in the midst of rural MS.

The good news.....I will get some fieldwork in because of the North MS Hill Country picnic July 4-5. I'm also planning to stay several days after that to hopefully cram as much into this trip as possible.

The bad news......I probably could have stayed in Lubbock and gotten a job and come out for two weeks or so and get the same amount of contact I'll end up getting.....although the archives have tons of stuff that does take time to go through. But I'll probably have to end up coming back out here on breaks and stuff during the fall semester to get a decent amount of fieldwork in so that I'll be able to have something to actually say in the damn thesis.

Right now I'm going to drink more coffee and attempt to think around the problem and see if there's a solution.....other than beating my head against a wall repeatedly.....

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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