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Sunday, October 11, 2009
Pages to a PhD: Week 1-2, Term 1
Sometimes blogging can keep you honest, or in this case help you keep perspective. There's a heavy reading load here at University of West Coast (UWC), and I think I want to blog those readings. Pages to a PhD, hopefully, will help me track what I'm doing/what I've done over the course of my PhD classes. In addition, I'm hoping that it might spark some discussion about what I am (or am not) reading. So below is my first entry:

For First Class:

Intro to Musicology: Defining Musicology
"Musicology" from The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

Week 2:
Intro to Musicology: Thinking & Writing About History
Butterfield, Herbert. The Whig Interpretation of History, pgs. 1-33
Carse, Adam. The History of Orchestration (we quickly nicknamed this, "History gone wrong."), pgs. 110-111; 198-201
DeVeaux, Scott. "Constructing the Jazz Tradition: Jazz Historiography," Black American Literature Forum 25 (1991) 525-560.
White, Hayden. "Introduction" to The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europ, pgs. 1-42

Music & Gender: Defining the Field: Historical & Theoretical Background
McClary, "Feminine Endings in Retrospect" & Ch. 1, pgs. ix-xx & 1-34
Ch'maj, "Reality is on our side," Sonneck Society Bulletin, 16/2 (1990), 53-58
Clement, Introduction to Opera, or the undoing of Women, pg. 3-23
Fausto-Sterling, "The Five Sexes," The Sciences, 33 (1993), pgs 20-25
Hisama, "Feminist Music Theory in the Millenium: A Personal History," pg. 1287-1291
Shepherd, "Music and Male Hegemony," pgs. 151-172
Solie, "Defining Feminism: Conundrums, Contexts, Communities," pgs 1-11
Solie, Feminism in New Grove

Research Methods:
Turabian, Ch. 1-3, 15 pgs. 5-35, 133-140
Bellman, Ch. 1-2, (book not in bookstore as of week 3, which is incredibly annoying)

Totals for the Week:
Articles: 11
Chapters: 9
Pages: 261 (excluding the two New Grove Articles)
Responses: 12
Summaries: 1

Totals towards the PhD:
Articles: 11
Chapters: 9
Pages: 261
Responses: 12
Summaries: 1

Here's to watching the numbers grow!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,



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