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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Being able to cook in your apartment makes all the difference
Perhaps my earlier post was a bit too negative. I was still riding the disappointment of the less than adequate session scene. However, I cooked for the first time in my apartment (both dinner and breakfast), and life seems wonderful when you wake up in your own bed, go to the kitchen to make eggs, waffles, and coffee, and can sit a look out of your kitchen window at one of the Buttes here in OHC. My couch comes tomorrow (holy crap why am I not unpacking as we speak), and internet gets hooked up on the 20th.

There are so many things to do here--running groups, coffee clubs, book clubs, co-ops, farmer's markets, used bookstores everywhere, open mics almost every night of the week. It's a little hard to choose, but I'm trying to be adventurous. I'm hoping to go investigate one of the open mics either tonight or tomorrow night. I really want to work on getting a regular paying gig somewhere in town. Since I have absolutely no clue how to go about that, I figure open mics are a great place to start to a) get a feel for the venues, b) get a feel for the crowds, and c) get some (more) performance experience.

The session on Monday was a little friendlier even if the music wasn't much better. There are several sessions in Urban City 2 hrs away, which I also want to check out. The one that seems to be heralded as the better of the two I'm checking out is on Friday and starts at 9pm, which would pose a problem coming back as the session runs till midnight and I don't really fancy getting back at 2 am. There's another one on Sundays that ends around 8pm which would put me back in town at a decent hour. I really do anticipate that the session in OHC will get better once the school year starts, but I'm craving some good tunes before then, so I guess we'll see just how adventurous I get.

I have a coffee table (ok, it was probably a work bench, but it was $5 and now it's a coffee table), and I've decided I'm going to refinish it.....which I've never done before. But it's not like I haven't got a lot of time on my hands.

Well, I'm off to Trader Joe's and then back to the apartment to unpack some more!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger sunshine

    oh, I *love* refinishing!! it's great fun. just time-consuming. are you thinking of ending up with varnish or paint?