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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Sorry for such a long absence! Late night blogging has never been good for me....or to me for that matter, but I'm worked up about the trial run of my NFA presentation for tomorrow. It's not like I haven't given this presentation before.....three other times to be exact, but tomorrow I do it for 5 of my teachers.

Have you ever noticed that the people you're supposed to make mistakes in front of (ie teachers, parents, friends) are exactly the ones you don't want to see you make mistakes? Ego's sometimes a bitch, but I guess admitting it's only ego is the first step in overcoming it.

I think I'm more concerned about cramming everything I want to say in 50 minutes.....and did I pick the right stuff to concentrate on.......the right tunes....and on and on.

I've been trying my hand at some new things for the past couple of months. Around the time of my last Master's classical flute recital I was handed a baroque flute. My prof really wants me to concentrate on it.....and I was pretty set against the baroque flute for lots of different reasons, mainly because I didn't think I had enough time to learn a new instrument. A few months later, and I'm kind of addicted to the squirrely little bastard. My uilleann pipes also came in. I now have a whole new appreciation of anyone who plays the pipes. But dammit, whenever the right sound comes out of the instrument, it's a crazy wonderful feeling. I've also been attempting some songwriting. I've never tried it before and it's something new and different. It all keeps me honest. ;)

Anyway, I'm off to see if I can sleep at least a little before I have to give this thing tomorrow. Hope to see you at the convention!

Peace, love, and tunes,


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