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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
On the Run
Miles logged:
1/16: 2.05
Week of 1/13-1/19: 4.35

Got in a decent run yesterday, read, I made time for it even though I was achy and tired and probably should have just gone home, taken a shower, and studied (the latter of which I always do anyway).

Have I mentioned how much I hate treadmills? I knew I needed to run yesterday in order to get my five days in this week, but I got out of class around 5, and knew that by the time I drove to the park where I run, changed, and did my run, it would be cold and dark. I can deal with the cold, but since I run with headphones, I don't run in the dark by myself. So the option left to me were the treadmills at the student rec center. I hate treadmills for several reasons: 1) I inevitably feel as though I'm going to fall off or break the machine, 2) These days the machines are outfitted with state of the art television and music systems......I run to get away from this stuff, 3) There's no scenery, 4) I feel like a large predatory hamster on a huge wheel, 5) The biggest reason I hate treadmills is that every single time I get off I feel disoriented for at least 10 minutes.

Running Playlist of the Day:
Red-Haired Mary -- Dervish
As long as you're mine -- Wicked OBC
Smeceno Horo -- Planxty
No More -- See What I Wanna See OBC
Defying Gravity -- Wicked OBC
Life is a Highway -- Rascall Flatts
What is this feeling? -- Wicked OBC
Chelsea Morning -- Joni Mitchell
You Turn Me on I'm a Radio -- Joni Mitchell
All or Nothing -- Athena Cage
Take me or Leave Me -- Rent OBC
Nil Na La -- Solas Live

Peace, Love, and Tunes,



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  • At 11:06 PM, Blogger Dharmonia

    I'm fond of the track upstairs at the Rec. In my opinion it has much lower hamster quotient than the treadmills. Plus you get to look out the windows.