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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Ten Things You Have A Weakness For
So, not a lot of time to blog, but I did find this meme on one of the blogs I read. I have loosely interpreted this as things you love/have a weakness for/keep you sane. So here goes:

10 Things You Have a Weakness For:

  1. Dark chocolate--seriously, we have several different types around the apartment. And it's good for you, right?
  2. Coffee--I am completely.......totally........and utterly addicted. But I think it's more about the ability to sip and enjoy something that's warm slowly, even though my life tends to lean toward the insane.
  3. Books--Reading + the two above = happiness. I'm seriously obsessed with my book collection. At one of the local used bookstores, the owner always asks me if I have trade credit, and I always respond that I would if I would ever give the books back.
  4. Musical instruments--a couple of my friends helped me move into my current apartment, and they noticed that whenever they'd move a box, they'd find another instrument. I can at least make passable sounds on all of them too........except for the uilleann pipes.
  5. Furry, fuzzy, cuddly animals--I house sit a lot for people who have animals, just so I can get some "fuzz therapy." Once I get relatively settled in my life, I'm going to get a pet, until then, I have to mooch off of other people's pets.
  6. Driving around by myself at night--Yeah.....I know, weird one. I have a lot of contact with people, and most of it is indoors. I really like grabbing a cup of coffee/tea and driving in circles just thinking about things, usually blasting music from my iPod really really loudly. I know it wastes gas, and it isn't great for the environment, but I like the moving and the being alone, and that generally means a car when it's at night. Usually happens after a late night at the library/of practicing, and I just can't make the car steer home.
  7. Journals--I journal a lot, and because of that, I have a lot of different notebooks. Small, big, simple, ornate. I tend to buy them and hoard them for when I inevitably run out. My favorite though, are the large moleskine ruled notebooks.
  8. Running--I haven't gotten to run lately, but I'm getting back to the point where I can run again. What's the deal with running? I do it by myself, for myself, with no thought at how fast I'm going/how far I'm running/how well I'm doing. It relieves stress/anger like you wouldn't believe, and also has the plus of letting you think about things and dealing with emotions in a fairly private constructive way.
  9. Gilmore Girls--My roommate and I speak almost entirely in Gilmore girls quotes. We keep it running in the background while we study/cook/live.
  10. Playing music--If it were up to me, I'd play music all day long.........after all, you can sleep when you're dead, right?
Peace, Love, and Tunes,



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