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Monday, January 28, 2008
My sinuses are conspiring against me......
So, I wasn't feel perfect yesterday, but after the second weekend in a row of sitting on my butt and trying to rest so that I can play the recital next Tuesday, I was feeling better. Notice the was. Played a concert, and in the midst of the traditional dinner celebration afterwards, my nose started itching like crazy, and watering as a result. Fast forward through the night (less that three hours of sleep) and I get up this morning and my left eye is noticeably swollen and red. Fine. Whatever. I've gone to theory class with a pinched sciatic nerve and lived, why not outrageous allergy/sinus attacks. Except that I get to my TA, and suddenly start tearing up, so much so, that the prof in the room told me to go home and get better. So I go home, and am now determined to find an ENT.....except that none of them can see me until Wednesday (during class I migh add). So I call the student death health center, and they can at least see me tomorrow. I'm losing some serious practice time that I can't afford to lose this close to the recital. As for today? At least I can still read and get ahead on the research/class fronts. May still try to play later on if I can my head to chill a bit. Hope your health is better than mine at this point.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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