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Friday, January 16, 2009
It's great when professors have your back
Sorry for the absence. I seem to have caught the sinus infection rampant in FPU's School of Music. I'm feeling better today for the first time in a week, but I'm still headed to the Student Death Health Center to see if they'll give me antibiotics. Why? Because for the past three years my annual Spring Semester cold has turned into a sinus infection that lasted for over a month. I'm hoping not to let that happen again.

Great meeting with Coyotebanjo about the thesis. Some great suggestions and off I go into writing land. Is it completely geeky to be excited about contributing scholarship to an area that hasn't had any in awhile?

Dharmonia once said to one of our school ensembles, "I will not let you suck."

A simple, but often incredibly comforting statement in grad school. Grad School, at least for me, messes with you ability to judge the quality of your own work. You're trying to get better at everything you do, and you (or maybe it's just me) feel the need to tear down and continuously rebuild everything you do. A good impulse up to a certain point. Having professors who seem to bleed compassion and have an exceptionally high degree of skill at whatever they do means that they will talk you down from that OCD ledge when appropriate and that you can trust that your final product (recital, thesis, conference presentation) is of a relatively high quality. In short, when your professors have your back, you can worry about just getting the damn thing done.

No word from any of the multitude of applications. I guess the important thing to remember is that even "in the event of a water landing" I'll still be at FPU with wonderful people in a place I can (mostly) afford to live, doing what I love. I need to resist the urge to equate whether or not I get into a program with the future success of my career and/or my life.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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