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Sunday, October 11, 2009
Pages to a PhD: Week 3, Term 1
I'm also hoping to post reactions to class discussions after they happen....but that may fall to the wayside as projects and things get started.

Intro to Musicology: Orientalism
Garrett, "Chinatown, Who's Chinatown? Defining America's Border with Music Orientalism," pgs. 119-174
Hisama, "Postcolonialism on the Make: The Music of Jon Mellencamp, David Bowie, and John Zorn," pgs. 91-104
Locke, "Cutthroats and casbah dancers, muezzins and timeless sands: Musical images of the Middle East," pgs. 20-53
Said, Orientalism Ch. 1, pgs. 1-92

Music & Gender: Defining the Field, cont.
Feld, "Sound Structure as Social Structure," pgs. 383-409
Kisliuk, "Performance and Modernity among BaAka Pygmies: A Closer Look at the Mystique of Egalitarian Foragers in the Rain Forest," pgs. 25-50
Koskoff, "The Sound of a Woman's Voice: Gender and Music in a New York Hasidic Community," 213-224
Monson, "Music and the Anthropology of Gender and Cultural Identity,"pgs. 24-32

Research Methods:
Turabian, Ch. 4-7, 16; pgs. 36-81 & 141-159
Bellman: Ch. 3-4 STILL NOT HERE!

Totals for the Week:
Articles: 7
Chapters: 7
Pages: 326
Responses: 4
Summaries: 1

Totals towards the PhD:
Articles: 18
Chapters: 16
Pages: 587
Responses: 16
Summaries: 2

While there are more pages to read this week, there are far fewer responses (thank god!). Responses are basically paragraph summaries of entire articles. It takes quite a bit of time to cut to the quick of an article in three or four sentences. However, I have found that the responses helped me articulate my understanding of some of the more difficult articles (ie Shepherd's Music and Male Hegemony from last week's readings). Summaries are longer, but I feel easier. You can go into more depth about the article (still only about 3 pages at most), which requires much less brevity (musicologists are never good about that). In addition to these, I'm starting the reading for my final projects, which I guess will take time as well. Back to reading and soup making!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,



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