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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Shifting the Model
Planning on making a quick trip home to see Dad and rehearse with former teacher for a conference performance in August. Quick as in, spend tomorrow morning/early afternoon doing more research, scoping towns out (more about that later), and then driving home. Spend Friday with Dad......wake up on Saturday and rehearse, and then drive back so that I can do more scoping on Sunday.

I spent the majority of last night and this morning thinking about the fieldwork situation. I AM actually getting a lot of good information from the Archives, specifically about and from people I can't talk to anymore. I'm still REALLY anxious about getting to actually talk to the people in the tradition as of now.......but I will definitely get a chance to during the NMS Hill Country picnic July 4-5. What I am planning to do in the meantime is to drive to certain really small towns that I know the music happens in, and see what I can find.....either by asking around or just listening out for the F & D (you can hear it for a good 5/6 miles). I've also identified a few other early semester picnics that I can sneak away from FPU for. It just proves that you shouldn't enter a fieldwork situation with any idea of how you think it should go.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,
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