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Monday, October 19, 2009
Pages to a PhD: Week 4, Term 1
Lighter load this week means concentrating more on projects than on weekly readings. I'll add a different category for reading associated with projects later on this week.

Intro to Musicology: Canon-Anti-canon/Work Concept
Grout, History of Western Music (compare same article in different versions of the grout)
Goehr, The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works: An Essay in the Philosophy of Music, Ch. 8 205-242
Spitta, Johann Sebastian Bach 1873-1880, pg. 174-178; 192-193
Taruskin, "Introduction" to Oxford History of western Music, pg. xxi-xxx
Treitler, "Transmission and the Study of Music History," pg. 202-211.

Music & Gender: Cross-Cultural Experiences of Gender and Gendered Rules
Koskoff, "Effect of post-postmodern scholarship on feminist and gender studies in musicology and ethnomusicology," pg. 90-98
McLucas, "Music of the Mescalero Apache Girls' Pubert Ceremony," pg. 198-209
McLucas, "Silent Music: The Apache Transformation of a Girl to a Woman," 49-65.
Shapiro, "A Critique of Current Research," pgs. 5-13 & 104-109.

Research Methods:
Turabian Ch. 8-10, 17
Bellman Ch. 5-6

Totals for the Week:
Articles: 7
Chapters: 7
Pages: 232
Responses: 8
Summaries: 0

Totals towards the PhD:
Articles: 25
Chapters: 23
Pages: 819
Responses: 24
Summaries: 2

Peace, Love, and Tunes,



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