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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Moving On
Yesterday was obviously not a good day. However, you cry....drink a few pints (or fingers of Bushmill's) and move on. I think the hardest thing for me is trying to remember that 1) I will go to Ireland again someday and 2) this is not a prediction of how the rest of my applications will turn out.

Decided to go to Petsmart and look at one of the local No Kill Shelter's pet adoption days. I came up with two great options:
<---Terrier Mix & Beautiful Tabby--->

The dog is laid back but still engaged and active. Also very much a people dog. The cat reminds me a lot of the cat I have at home and would probably be a total lap kitty (when I was looking at him, one of the volunteers took him out of his cage and put him in my arms, and then he sat and headbutted me). I really want a dog....but I want the dog to happy and healthy, and I travel quite a bit. The cat would be able to survive me going away for a week or two. But I can't go running with a cat....or play frisbee.....or go to the park and play. It all may be a moot point as the dog is slightly over the weight limit for my apartment (they're just trying to keep someone from getting a St. Bernard and keeping it in a 1 bedroom apartment). So I'm talking to my office manager on Monday. At some point this week I'll be going out to NKS and seeing if one or both of them is still left after adoption day. I'm hoping the universe makes the choice for me (but doubtful).

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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