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Thursday, July 17, 2008
On the way to Vancouver
Long day yesterday. Roomie and I drove about 12 hours and made it all the way to Utah. Relatively uneventful trip. Roomie got attacked by large beetle like bug in the car (he tried to stow away), she freaked out while on the phone with mom, and about gave her a heart attack, because said mom didn't know we were stopped at a gas station and was convinced we had careened headlong into a mountain. Also spent a decent part of the morning talking over the phone (until my reception gave out) to various parties about a flute appropriate for the workshop. About three weeks ago I got the word that none of the flutes that I own are really appropriate for this workshop.....to which I said, "Great.....what do I do now?" Which led to me trying to find a relatively inexpensive but workable instrument at Mid-east music. Ordered a bansuri in an appropriate key, but unfortunately when I got back to FPU to check it out, discovered that the flute is about the length of the floor to right above my knee.....and while my right hand can handle the stretch, my left hand isn't really cooperating (aka I can play half notes and then eventually my hand cramps). So I'm trying to find another flute that will work and mid-east has nothing. So I'm actually ordering a small cheapy from Lark in the Morning, plus trying out some (awesome) flutes I might be able to borrow once roomie and I get to Seattle! I love looking at weird and quirky flutes! After the bug fiasco, and the finding a flute project, the only other memorable thing was trying to find food for dinner. I'm a vegetarian, and roomie is a vegan, so road food is a bit difficult for us.....easier for me than it is for her. Once we decided we should probably eat dinner....we sort of ran out of civilization. With the exception of a small restaurant called Lamp Light, which evidently is THE place to go in Monticello, UT. So we walked in, and things looked like a weird blend between fancy and normal off the road diner. We sat down, and the cheapest thing on the menu was 14.99......for a salad. While I might spend that much for an awesome meal in either Seattle or Vancouver, I'm not gonna waste money for a salad in Utah. So, basically we got up, muttered at the waitress and left. Other than that, really fairly uneventful drive.

I am obsessed with mountains, or really any type of large rocks that in my head seems to approach a mountain, so the drive was great. Really looking forward to getting further north and seeing lots and lots of mountain-like stuff.

More driving today, and pictures to come!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger Dharmonia

    Oh ye stalwart vegheads and vegans: I forgot to make Road Food recommendations.

    1) Subway. Veggie subs w/ or w/o cheese.

    2) Some Mickey D's and Burger Kings are now serving up Veggie Burgers. This will not help the vegans because of the crap they fry stuff in.

    3) Mexican fast food.

    4) Farmer's markets you see on the road. Grab some veggies and fruit, stop at a 7-11 and get some trail mix, spring water, and peanut butter.

    Save the 14.99 salads for the West Coast, where the lettuce was picked that morning!

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger Seeker

    oh how I wish I could have been the stow-away beetle!! I want to see the mountains!

    Good luck on your adventure :)