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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Rule #1
Yeah, Rule #1 of blogging should be something like:

Thou shalt not blog when thou art grumpy and tired.

Notice me breaking rule #1.

Fairly uneventful drive back from MS. Arkansas was freaking scary though, with crazy clouds and torrential downpour and lightning striking where I could see it hit the ground from the Interstate. Ended up grabbing a hotel room, because I forgot to set the alarm (like a moron) and ended up sleeping until 11 am (holy crap I haven't done that in forever), at which time I still had to pack and straighten up the apartment I was crashing in. So yeah, stopped on the side of the road in random town and proceeded to basically not sleep the rest of the night. Got up Friday and drove the rest of the way back to FPU, went to session, and then got back home and crashed.

Trying basically not only to get things ready for Vancouver (we leave on Wed.), but for NFA as well, and doing work on the thesis as usual. Got in some good practice yesterday, and ended up finishing a song I was working on (although "finishing" is a concept that doesn't really apply to songwriting I think, because most of the stuff I have is continually in flux). Anyway, I'm going back to the apartment and see if I can reclaim my good mood!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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