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Friday, July 25, 2008
Many many technology issues. Sorry if anyone has emailed the FPU address and I haven't responded.....it doesn't work at the public computers here at UBC. Great stuff going on. Early music boot camp rocks! :) Much intensive work on chant and learning by ear (I would have been dead by now had I not been used to learning things by ear). Aside from that, bonding with other musicians who are into the same things I am. Great discussions and geek outs aplenty. Basically we'll go to afternoon classes and then we're off until Sunday night (Sequentia concert!!!!!!!!!). Roomie and I are attempting to find a session tonight, which the rest of the crew decided would be fun to watch. I think we found one at the Wolf and Hound in Vancouver, but it's not really clear as to whether it's an open or closed session. The Session.org makes it seem to be an open session, while the website makes it out to be a gig, and the manager that I talked to was completely unclear.

Mac: "Do you have any live music tonight?"

Manager: "Yes, we have an Irish traditional music session going on that starts about 8:30pm."

Me, feeling encouraged by the fact that she called it an Irish traditional music session instead of spouting off about celtic music: "So it's an open session then?"

Manager: "Well, I'm not sure if it's an open session. A bunch of the same people play here every week, but if there's a chair open you might be able to squeeze in."

So....I'm using the normal trick......which is to ask the musicians if it's ok to sit in. Supposedly Mary Brunner (pro fiddler) runs the session, and they did specify that no beginners were supposed to come, so I'm thinking the level of musicianship should be fairly high even if we don't get to play. There's definitely an open session on Wed.....but that's in the middle of early music boot camp's last week, and China's fireworks portion of the international fireworks competition is that night. Hopefully we'll get some tunes!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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