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Monday, July 28, 2008
Back to classes today after a restful (not) weekend in Vancouver. Session on Friday night was nice and welcoming, although the drunk to musician quotient was rather high. Most of the rest of the group tracked out to see us, which was really cool. Even got to sing, as it was a tune/song alternating session. Sung/played my version of Arthur McBride and Three Fishers (it was too loud to do anything lower in my range, unfortunately, high carries). Anyway, spent most of the weekend hanging out with new friends in Vancouver.....including several different restaurants and thrifting ( I managed not to buy any used books....congratulate me.... ;) ). Specifically The Naam could be my favorite place in Vancouver......24 hr gourmet Vegetarian/Vegan food. I think most of us are planning on visiting once more before the end of the trip (which scarily enough is Friday). Saw the American portion of the International Fireworks competition which was nice and laid back (we chose a beach that was nice and AWAY from downtown). Absolutely mind-blowing concert last night, followed by a long wine/chat session that relocated several times after being thrown out of certain buildings on the UBC campus. And this morning leads us to the second and last week of the camp. I think most of us are shell shocked about the fact that in 5 or so days we go back to our own lives without 14 other people who GET the medieval music thing. Roomie and I are extremely lucky to have people who get it and can (and do) teach it all year long, but there's something about being completely surrounded by people who geek out just as much as you do. I'll leave you with this:

We're studying the Codex Calixtinus, which is all about St. James the Apostle. James and John were called sons of thunder by Christ, which is a repeating theme in a lot of the chant we're singing. One piece specifically called Dum Esset starts with a big Latin flourish basically saying Christ came down from the mountains. Which in my head turned into:
Christ'll be comin' round the mountain when he comes.

Which someone went further with:

He will call you sons of thunder when he comes.
He will call you sons of thunder
He will call you sons of thunder
He will call you sons of thunder when he comes.

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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  • At 7:25 PM, Blogger Aage

    It sounds liuke you guys are having a great time! i wound up going to the San Francisco Early Music Society's Medieval/Renaissance workshop at Sonoma State. I got to play my douçaine 5-6 hours daily without a clarinet in sight!!! People really enjoyed my douçaine and it looks like I'll at least get a gig out of it in another year or so. I really enjoyed working with percussionist Peter Maund. I could play for hours with him. He's such a great player.

    The Codex Calixtinus is such beautiful material. I have the Sequentia and Anonymous 4 recordings.
    What a great experience to work with Sequentia!
    Keep having fun.