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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Got to play trad flute for people at the flute talk yesterday afternoon. Norbert had wanted to look at my trad flute earlier in the day, so I brought it to one of our instrumental sessions later in the afternoon. He had me play a few tunes just to see what the flute sounded like, and he evidently was very impressed, because then he decided that I needed to talk during the flute lecture (joint for the Baroque and Medieval camps) about the idea that the older flutes migrated into different traditions.


EMV's medieval workshop is structured so that in the morning everyone sings, and everyone learns the chant by ear. The vocalists however are the only ones who get singled out to sing by themselves or to try discantus improvisation. That, however, changed this morning. Singing a melody we learned a few day ago, with Eric picking people singularly to sing each line.

"The next line, Mac."

Me stunned: "Me?"

And on we went.....including improvising discantus lines above the sopranos. Holy freaking crap it's high. :) After the open season on instrumentalists ;), we went to our instrumental section, where Norbert and I worked on my solo piece (Beata Viscera by Perotin), and added Roomie on Rebec as accompaniment. Sooooooo incredibly cool.

Loving every single minute of getting my ass kicked!

Peace, Love, and Tunes,

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